Shaping the Local Community: Why we give back

Jessica Blais
Community + Business Relations Manager
  • At APX Construction Group we know we are only as strong as the communities we serve. In 2022 we are proud to introduce APX Giving, an Employer Supported Volunteer program (ESV), our ground-level initiative to encourage team members to get involved.

    Shaping Our Local Community

    We are shaping the community. APX Construction Group empowers our staff to give back in a way that is meaningful to them. Through our APX Giving program, our team is encouraged to volunteer with causes in which they feel passionately.  We also participate in community engagement as a whole.

    We believe that volunteering is a uniquely rewarding experience, in addition to helping others it also gives individuals a sense of purpose and community. Volunteerism is also believed to help improve people’s moods and lessen stress. Without a doubt, volunteering has many benefits. Many companies are now offering employer-supported volunteer programs. Given that one of our core values at APX Construction Group is Community, creating our own ESV program was a natural fit.

    APX Giving supports our mission to build our business by integrating ourselves both personally and professionally. We believe that families and communities benefit from personal growth outside of work. A key element of our ESV program is support. Sometimes the biggest barrier for a person choosing to do volunteer work is they are unsure how to get started. With the help of our Business and Community Relations Manager, we remove that barrier. Similar to the approach we take with customers, we want our team to feel supported through the entire process. Employees are matched with up to eight hours of PTO following their volunteer efforts.

    We embolden people to come together in ways that are meaningful to them. We believe in giving back to our communities through our time, talents, and resources. As a whole, our team gives back through event sponsorship, in-kind labor donations, and a campaign rally for the Greater Mankato Area United Way. We also have created several grassroots efforts like our Blue Christmas Giving Campaign and our holiday meal drive.

    APX Construction Group believes in making a difference, together. We’d like to take this chance to highlight some of the organizations supported through the efforts of our team.

    One Bright Star

    One Bright Star is a resource for grieving families who have lost a child to death. In addition to being an event sponsor at their annual fundraising gala, our Vice President of Sales + Marketing, Jamie Jacobs, emceed the event and shared her personal experience with child loss.

    Minnesota River Builders Association

    MRBA (Minnesota River Builders Association) is an association of builders and partner businesses that represents the interests of the community, consumers and building industry. MRBA hosts the annual RAW Fusion Fashion Show fundraiser each year, this year APX donated the event venue as well as many hours of man power and support. The fashion show was held at the historic post office in downtown Mankato, which is currently being redeveloped by APX. This year’s event raised funds for Minnesota Valley Action Council.

    Historical Post Office transformed for Raw Fusion fashion show

    Feeding our Communities Partners

    FOCP (Feed Our Communities Partners) is a non-profit dedicated to ensuring that students in the area have food at home on weekends and non-school days. Shelf-stable food packs are discreetly placed into participants lockers by teachers. APX has participated in several volunteer food packing sessions as a team.

    APX team members at FOCP food packing session

    Kiwanis Holiday Lights

    Kiwanis Holiday Lights takes place annually from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. Since its inception in 2012, over one million people have attended the holiday light display. In 2021, over $81,000 was donated to 60 area nonprofits. APX installed the doors to the Giving Barn as well as installed the warming house as in-kind gifts.

    Kiwanis Holiday Lights Giving Barn

    Implementing an Employer Supported Volunteer program has many benefits including strong company culture, leadership opportunities, and a chance to develop new skills. APX Construction Group is proud to be a purpose-driven company.

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