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Finding a commercial contractor that’s easy to work with and walks through a project with you from start to finish isn’t easy. But, lucky for you, APX Construction Group could be that contractor for you. We’ve been serving the commercial construction industry for decades. Contact us today to learn more about how our process works and how easy it can be for you.

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A Local Contractor that has Your Back

At APX, we’ve got your back. Customer care is one of the most important factors for our business, and we have every intention of offering only the best service possible for decades to come. When you’re undergoing a commercial construction process, it’s important that you find a contractor that you can trust. But don’t worry, APX is the region’s go-to PEMB construction company for Fairmont, MN property owners.


There’s nothing inherently “new” to the process or the pre-engineered metal buildings in general. Pre-engineered metal buildings are taking the commercial building space by storm. But why are PEMB’s so popular?

Today we’re breaking down all of the details so that you can determine whether or not a pre-engineered metal building is right for you and your business.


Pre-engineered metal buildings are fabricated to fit the needs of your project specifically. The steel frames are constructed and designed so that less work needs to be done on the actual job site. This includes pre-cutting, pre-punching, and pre-fabricating portions of your design so that the building systems can quickly be assembled on-site.

# Advantages of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB)

1. Cost efficiency is a huge advantage and is very prevalent in PEMB construction. The costs in PEMB construction are more easily predictable and controlled because the chance for human error or hidden problems to arise is much lower.

2. Design flexibility is another advantage. Because everything is planned ahead of time and designed offsite, you’ll have the freedom to design and construct the perfect building for your needs.

3. Decreased construction time – These buildings still take time to manufacture, but the amount of time from when you make your first payment to when the building is standing on your lot will be much less dramatic.

4. Structural strength – Customized buildings and structured steel are built to last. All of the components are coated to resist corrosion and protect them from dirt. PEMB’s will stand the test of time and save you money.

5. Easily expandable buildings are hard to come by. But PEMB’s are easily expandable and can be expanded due to the standardized processes and building materials.

6. Low maintenance – maintenance on any building can be difficult. When it comes to PEMB’s, there’s little to no maintenance throughout the building’s entire lifespan. All the maintenance you’ll likely need to do is paint the metal building.

7. Energy Efficiency is a huge benefit, but not just for the sake of energy efficiency. But, instead, it has the potential to save you a ton of money. If your energy bills are out of hand, ensuring your building is built efficiently is essential.

8. DIY Construction – PEMB’s up to 5,000 or more square feet can be shipped in complete packages that don’t need any changes made. All the pieces are designed to be easily put together.

9. Insurance Savings – Wood-framed buildings are expensive to insure because, while they are in some cases less expensive to build, they aren’t as durable or long-lasting as pre-engineered metal buildings. Insurance companies will almost always offer you a cheaper rate if you’re ensuring a PEMB.

10. Reduced Fire Risk – Metal doesn’t burn. It’s not too complicated, but that reduced fire risk is a huge advantage of a PEMB, especially if you’re dealing with flammable chemicals or any other products that run the risk of easily catching fire.

11. Eco-Friendly – Almost every material used through PEMB construction is both easily recycled and sustainably sourced from previous projects that have been recycled or reclaimed steel during the recycling process.

12. Relocation – If the time comes that you need to move your business or you want to sell your PEMB to build a new one, that’s not a problem. The new building is as easy to take down as it is to install, making them prime candidates for relocation.

Think Your Business Can Benefit From PEMB Construction?

The types of businesses that could benefit from a PEMB are truly endless. Whether you need to build a rec center, a church, a school, a warehouse, retail stores, warehouses, etc… there’s a PEMB that can be designed and customized for you.

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We want to hear everything there is to know about your project. This is where we start the planning and development. As well as work through land procurement, financing, permitting, and more.
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This is where the fun begins! We create a design and layout for your project, in combination with 3D modeling to give you a realistic view of your finished project.
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APX captures subcontractor quotes from a network of over 2,000 subcontractors. Your project team then reviews and qualifies all bids while considering manpower, scheduling and craftsmanship.
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The project team presents bids in an open book, transparent presentation. APX will then execute a contract to get your project started. Let's build something awesome!

Ready to Take on Your Project, Big or Small

Whether you have a 100,000 square foot project or a 10,000 square-foot project, you’ll get the same customer service and care for your Fairmont, MN PEMB construction project, design-build, or any of our other many services. We’re ready for any challenge, big or small, and we’re excited to make your commercial building dreams a reality. Don’t let something as simple as a building hold your business back from success. Contact APX today!

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