6 Of Our Favorite Parks In Rochester, MN [Pictures]

Jamie Jacobs
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  • Finding a great park that you can enjoy with your family and friends makes your home city feel just right. Being a local construction company in the area and living in the city as well, we’ve found some favorite parks in Rochester that you’re sure to enjoy.

    The next time you’re trying to find a spot for an evening walk or a place to play fetch with your dog, consider these must-visit parks in Rochester.

    Essex Park

    This park is perfect for the whole family, and it’s located on a large plot of land that allows you to enjoy great views and beautiful walks. Whether you’re looking to take your dog on a walk along the trail or meet some friends for a run, the wide-open spaces will serve you well.

    There’s a playground area for the kids and a bathroom with running water and soap during the summer. Be sure to bring a snack to enjoy in the picnic area as well.

    Address: 5455 W River Rd NW, Rochester, MN 55901

    Google Rating: 4.4 stars

    Essex Parks in Rochester
    Source: Experiencerochestermn.com

    Quarry Hill Park

    Quarry Hill is built within the beautiful nature you find throughout Rochester. There’s a nature center, trails, wildlife habitat, and educational programming where you can learn about the different animals and plants that are common throughout the area.

    A number of trails weave through the park, and signs throughout help to inform visitors on the different varieties of plants and animals that can commonly be seen.

    Address: 701 Silver Creek Rd NE, Rochester, MN 55906

    Google Rating: 4.8 stars

    Source: Experiencerochestermn.com

    Silver Lake Park

    The beautiful Silver Lake Park is located right on Silver Lake in Rochester. Boating and fishing are common pastimes for those that visit the lake. The park features a fully accessible playground, pool, skatepark, picnic area, and more. As you might guess, this park is a popular place to enjoy weekends in the summer.

    Because Silver Lake is such a popular destination, be sure to plan accordingly. Popular weekends can draw large crowds of people looking for a day by the lake.

    Address: 770 W Silver Lake Dr. NE, Rochester, MN 55906

    Google Rating: 4.3 stars

    Source: Experiencerochestermn.com

    Foster-Arend Park

    The main attraction at Foster-Arend Park is the white sandy beach. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the sun, watch your kids swim in the lake, or do some fishing on the pier, there’s something at this park for everyone.

    If the waters are too cold or the kids are just looking for something different, they’ll enjoy the playground. An additional water obstacle course is available, along with a swimming area and pool that’s separate from the lake.

    Address: 4051 E River Rd NE, Rochester, MN 55906

    Google Rating: 4.3 stars

    Source: Experiencerochestermn.com

    Indian Heights Park

    One tall hill that reaches high above most of the city and surrounding area is where you’ll find Indian Heights Park. This park is full of walking trails and lookout points where you can see out over the beautiful city. Lakes and rivers are in view, and the fall colors are especially beautiful from the very top of the trail.

    It’s an easy hike for most, and kids can normally handle the terrain with ease. Be sure to check on the conditions before starting your walk. Rain can cause the trail to be muddy for a few days.

    Address: 1800 Terracewood Dr. NW, Rochester, MN 55901

    Google Rating: 4.4 stars

    Source: Experiencerochestermn.com

    Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial

    Known to many as one of the best memorials in Minnesota, this city park was built with the sole intention of honoring those who have fought and died for freedom in our country. If you’re thinking of visiting this park, then be sure to keep in mind that it’s a memorial and not just a walking trail.

    Nonetheless, the beautiful space developed is full of walls, sculptures, and plaques that help describe different individuals and moments throughout history. It’s a beautiful way to remember our veterans, both past and present.

    Address: 300 7th St SW, Rochester, MN 55902

    Google Rating: 4.7 stars

    Source: Legion.org

    If you’re in the area and find yourself in need of commercial remodeling services in Rochester, we’d be happy to provide you with an estimate or quote. APX Construction is here to serve you and all of your commercial construction needs.

    Reach out to us today to get started.

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