MY Place capital campaign kicks off

Jamie Jacobs
Jamie Jacobs joined APX Construction Group in June of 2020 specializing in interior design, marketing, event planning, and business development.
  • MY (Mankato Youth) Place was joined by staff, board and committee members and community advocates at their new location at 1315 Stadium Road to announce their capital fundraising campaign.

    MY Place Mankato’s Mission

    MY Place, which opened in October of 2018, serves area youth Kindergarten to 8th grade when not in school. MY Place differentiates themselves by offering their after-school and summer programs free of charge. This eliminates barriers and gives all kids the opportunity to participate. They also provide transportation, meals, health supplies and academic programing. MY Place is committed to providing a nurturing environment that empowers youth to build the confidence, knowledge and skills needed to reach their full potential.

    MY Place provides youth in our community:

    • A safe and fun place to spend time and participate in positive programs, an alternative to the streets or being home alone.
    • Education support to improve academic performance and graduation rates.
    • Help to build new skills to raise their belief that they can success and recieve recognition for accomplishments.
    • The opportunity to build encouraging and on-going relationships with caring adults and connections to new friends in a positive environment.
    • A place that reinforces a sense of belonging, empowerment, personal accountability, civility and civic responsibility.

    MY New Place

    MY Place capital campaign
    Conceptual rendering of new location exterior

    In their current location, they serve 91 children, leaving over 100 children still in need of services. At their new location they will be able to serve 200 children. APX Construction Group is honored to have been selected as the General Contractor for the MY Place expansion. The facility at 1315 Stadium Road offers over 16,000 square feet of space plus the addition of a new gym space.

    MY Place Capital Campaign

    The capital fundraising campaign, MY New Place, kicked-off with the announcement of an initial $750,000 donation by Taylor Corporation and an additional $750,000 match after the campaign raises that same amount. Donations can be made at here. MY Place hopes to be in their newly renovated location by the start of the fall school year.

    MY Place new location gym conceptual rendering
    MY Place gym expansion conceptual rendering

    APX is Building for the Future

    At APX, we understand that to live a truly fulfilled life we need to have a sense of purpose and live intentionally. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that what we contribute in this world makes a significant difference.  As a local, family-owned business, we know what fuels our fire.  Our biggest motivation at APX is our children, our families and the people we surround ourselves with. 

    These individuals are our biggest source of inspiration and our strongest supporters as well.  We take our responsibility to shape the young minds of our future very seriously while being motivated to do better and be better every day.  We are inspired by their imaginations  every day.  We believe the greatest gift we can give our team is a space that allows them to give back to their communities and allow it to change and impact their own lives.  We work for them!

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