8 Modern Apartment Building Design Ideas in 2024

Jamie Jacobs
Jamie Jacobs joined APX Construction Group in June of 2020 specializing in interior design, marketing, event planning, and business development.
  • Investing in real estate is one of the best things you can do with any extra cash you have. There are numerous benefits of investing in real estate, including:

    • Cash flow
    • Long-term security
    • Portfolio diversification
    • Protection against inflation
    • Tax benefits

    Many of the world’s millionaires grew their wealth by investing in real estate, so it’s pretty easy to see why getting into property development is an enticing idea. If you want to develop a new apartment building, it’s a wise idea to read up on modern apartment building designs so that you can not only get your building off the ground but also get the units filled with eager tenants.

    newly constructed apartment building during dusk; modern apartment building designs

    Exterior Apartment Design Ideas

    Of course, the exterior of an apartment building is what everyone sees first. Curb appeal is something that is notably important for homes, but it’s equally as important for apartment buildings. You want your apartment complex to give off a “wow” factor so that potential residents are interested in living there.

    There are a few exterior design ideas that have been successful for modern apartment buildings.

    1) Blend Old and New ✨

    There’s a timeless charm that comes with brick and stone siding. That classic architecture is beautiful, and it definitely still has a place in modern apartment building designs.

    Most modern exterior design is sleek and simple, but don’t be afraid to mix old styles with new trends. You can keep sleek, metallic accents and also include rustic elements like brick, stone, or wood paneling. The older, classic siding can work as an accent wall at the front of your building.

    modern apartment building designs brick

    2) Play With Asymmetry

    One very eye-catching design choice you can incorporate into your apartment building design is asymmetry. Many modern apartments use very clean, straight lines. You’ve likely seen a million newer apartment buildings that are very square or rectangular in shape.

    If you want to stand out from other typical designs, incorporate a unique asymmetrical design element. One of the easier ways to do this is by having a diagonal roof over the lobby area.

    3) Don’t Neglect Outdoor Spaces 🏡

    An incredibly enticing feature for prospective tenants is accessible outdoor spaces. This can manifest as:

    • A patio at the front of the building
    • Individual patios on each unit
    • Community rooftop decks

    Be sure your apartment building design includes one or all of these outdoor spaces. Many potential residents have easily-accessible outdoor spaces on their “must-have” lists when searching for a new apartment.

    4) Challenge the Status Quo With Interesting Shapes 🌀

    Code restrictions can cause a lot of modern apartments to look the same. And while you’ll want to develop your apartment building as affordably as possible (which is another reason many new buildings look quite similar), you also want it to be high-quality and long-lasting so that you can reap the benefits as long as possible.

    Stand out from the crowd by incorporating interesting shapes, colors, and materials into your apartment design. If your building looks exactly the same as another new development down the block, why would tenants choose your building? Take risks, and don’t be afraid to stand out with a unique design.

    Interior Apartment Design Ideas

    You can’t forget about the interior design of your apartment either! While the exterior of your building will get prospective tenants in the door for a tour, the individual units and common spaces will get them to sign a lease.

    5) Opt for Large Windows 🪟

    Natural light is invaluable for happiness and productivity. And with so many people now working from home consistently, you shouldn’t neglect how your tenants will get their natural light.

    Include large windows in your interior apartment design— even though large windows can slightly increase energy bills, they’re a huge selling point for prospective renters.

    inside the living room of modern apartment building designs

    6) Open Floor Plans Are All the Rage

    Modern interior home design is in favor of the open floor plan, and the same design is very effective in apartments as well. An open plan essentially means including the fewest amount of walls possible. This opens up the living space and creates the illusion of a larger space.

    Allow the entryway to flow into the kitchen that flows into the main living space. Plus, going hand in hand with natural light, open floor plans offer increased light. Other benefits include:

    • Better traffic flow 🚦
    • Easier to watch kids 🤸
    • Flexible layout and furniture arrangement
    • Easy to socialize and communicate 🗨️

    7) Tall Interior Sliding Doors 🚪

    The “rustic farmhouse” interior design trend has come and gone in recent years. While it’s probably not in your best interest to design your entire apartment building in the farmhouse style, there is one design element from it that has stood the test of time: barn doors.

    Barn doors are tall, oversized sliding doors that offer a unique focal point for interior designs. In modern apartment designs, they make great bedroom doors. You can also opt for more sleek and simple barn doors rather than stylized ones so you can give your tenants more of a clean slate to make their own design choices. You can learn more about commercial remodeling trends in our free guide.

    8) Coordinate Hardware and Fixtures

    It’s all in the details, right? So don’t overlook them when designing a new apartment building!

    Even the smallest components like the knobs on the kitchen cabinets and the bathtub faucet can make a huge difference. Be sure your details coordinate across the board. Don’t use brass hardware for your kitchen cabinets but then install a silver kitchen faucet.

    Think of each unit as one cohesive design. Your lighting and plumbing fixtures should match the accessories throughout the apartment.

    inside view of the kitchen in a small apartment; modern apartment building designs

    Your Design-Build Contracting Partner 🤝

    Building a new apartment building starts with an idea. But it can’t come to fruition without the help of a reliable general contractor. Here at APX Construction Group, we offer a wide range of contracting services to bring your new apartment building to life, including general contracting, design-build services, and construction management.

    If you want to build a new apartment building in Minnesota, APX is the team you want by your side. Reach out today to learn how we can bring your vision to life!

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