6 Medical Office Building Design Tips for 2024

Jamie Jacobs
Jamie Jacobs joined APX Construction Group in June of 2020 specializing in interior design, marketing, event planning, and business development.
  • When it comes to creating a medical office building design, there are several ways that you can go about making it more current while staying connected to your patients and their routine.

    Intentionality in your medical office design will help ensure that your patients and staff feel cared for and never neglected. In some cases, this can be as simple as offering the right amount of seating in a lobby waiting area, or ensuring bathrooms are located in easily accessible locations.

    Today we’ll be breaking down some of the different items to include in your medical office building, as well as some helpful tips for you as you go through the design process.

    set of medical office building design plans

    Medical Office Building Design Tips

    Let’s start things off with some design tips that will help to set your medical office building apart from all of the already existing medical buildings out there. First off, it doesn’t always take a special building to run a medical office. One of the cheapest ways to run a medical office is to rent a space out of an existing building. But, if you want your practice to stand out as premium and one of the best in the area, then you’ll need to take into account some of these design tips as you begin brainstorming your new medical office building.

    A Strong Identity

    If you want your new medical office to stand out of the crowd and be something special compared to all of the other buildings in the area, you’ll have to be intentional from the start. Look to find some specific ways that you can make your building great and not just another office building in the area. Whether this pertains to a location, architecture, or another way, make your building stand out with a strong identity.

    A conversation about the identity of your building is likely best had with your designer and architect or whoever is helping you conquer this project. At APX Construction Group, we’re part of both the design and construction of the project, making a team like ours perfect for executing something that helps your building to stand out from the rest.

    Community Spaces and Lounge Areas

    lounge area in a medical office building design

    All great medical office buildings of the future should feature large community spaces and lounge areas. These areas will make your building more friendly and appealing to those that are visiting it for care, but it will make your staff feel more welcomed into the space as well. In many cases, staff are working more than 40 hours at the medical office and thus need a place where they can relax and unwind during their breaks.

    The goal with community and lounge areas is to make your building more welcoming and less like an office.

    Lots of Natural Light

    Natural light will be a huge help in the overall design of your building. Whether that means including more windows or having a skylight in your building, natural light should help to make a difference for your building. Natural light will offer a more sustainable lighting source for your building and help make your medical office warmer and welcoming to those coming to visit or coming for work. No one wants to work in a dark and gloomy area. Incorporating natural light will be a huge advantage to your overall design of the space.

    medical office building design with natural lighting

    Sustainable and Green Friendly

    Sustainable and green buildings are the buildings of the future. No matter the sector, business leaders seek to make their buildings more green and eco-friendly through sustainable building materials and sustainable practices. Some ways to champion this idea include talking with your building about sustainable practices, purchasing efficient heating and cooling systems, incorporating plants throughout the finished interior of your building, and including a renewable energy source in the design.

    Many medical office buildings will include solar panels on the roof to help supplement the power needs for the buildings. While not every building will be well suited for this, it is a great way to incorporate green energy practices if possible.

    Things to Include in Your Medical Office Building Design

    This is by no means a comprehensive list of what should be included in your medical office design, but these two items are great reminders of the need to ensure that office building design is always innovating and getting better with time.

    people inside medical building; medical office building design

    Technology Throughout

    Technology is being used more and more throughout every design but specifically throughout medical office buildings. Things like integrated workstations and computers are becoming essential to the success of the building and the productivity of employees. In addition, many technology elements are being incorporated into health practices to help with telehealth as well.

    Complexity in Design and Spaces

    Medical offices are complex, to say the very least. Depending on the branch of medicine practiced throughout your office you’ll need a variety of different spaces. For example, a hospital may need a room dedicated to MRIs, X-rays, or lab work. In contrast, a dental office may need a surgical room, cleaning spaces, and an X-ray room. No matter the use your building will serve, it needs to be designed with complexity in mind so that no matter the needed space, your employees and patients will feel comfortable.

    hospital indoor hallway and waiting seats; medical office building design

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