Job shadowing, mentorships and internships: 3 ways to shape a future of success in construction

Jessica Blais
Community + Business Relations Manager
  • APX Construction Group is committed to cultivating the next generation of talent.

    Through our Experience APX program, we offer three levels of engagement for young adults who are seeking a career in the construction field. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure a focus on the future of this industry.  Job shadowing, mentorship, and internships are integral components of our dynamic initiative.

    A day with APX Construction Group

    Construction Management students are encouraged to do a Job Shadow Day at APX Construction Group. Students have the opportunity to learn more about the roles of Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Estimator, Project Superintendent, and Sales + Marketing.  Students are given an intro to each role and have the chance to ask questions during their observation. A job site visit is also part of the Job Shadow Day. The Job Shadow Day is an important pre-requisite to our internship application process.

    “I enjoyed seeing all of the aspects of APX and understanding what every person does in their role and how they contribute to APX. I also enjoyed it because no other company is offering a job shadow opportunity. Another thing that I really enjoyed is the environment at APX Construction Group”

    Joe S. Construction Management, Minnesota State University, Mankato

    Quality Industry Experience

    APX Construction group is a proud partner of the Capstone Class (CM 450) at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Together with the Construction Management Department, APX is focused on supporting the philosophy of Project-Based Learning. Our team will offer real-time exposure to topics such as Work Breakdown structure, estimating, scheduling, quality assurance, safety, risk management, cost controls, technology plans, marketing plans, and more.

    Career Preparation

    The internship program is geared toward students in the Construction Management Program entering their junior or senior year, this 12 week internship offers the student time to collaborate with team members on job sites and in the office. Each intern will be assigned to a mentor with APX and will either be assigned to a specific project or rotate through different types of projects. Applicants must complete a Job Shadow Day with APX and complete an online application by March 31, 2022.

    Internship terms are:

    Summer 2022: May 23, 2022 – August 12, 2022

    Fall 2022: September 6, 2022 – November 25, 2022

    Spring 2023: January 31, 2023 – April 22, 2023

    APX Construction Group believes that students who take the initiative to pursue the Experience APX program are showing dedication to their career and the construction industry as well as investing in their future. APX Construction group is rewarding one of our Job Shadow participants with a $1,000 scholarship. 

    Jack Gafkjen, Project Manager I Estimator I Safety Chair, APX Construction Group

    “During my full-time internship, I worked heavily in the estimating department, working on all of our private and public bids. I spent lots of time learning how the bidding process worked and soon came to really enjoy it. After graduation, I was hired full-time for APX as a project manager, estimator and safety chair. This company cares about its employees and opens the door for many opportunities for those willing to learn and work hard.”

    Jack Gafkjen, Project Manager I Estimator I Safety Chair, APX Construction Group

    Join the Movement

    Job shadowing and internships are great ways for students to ‘try out’ a company before committing to a full-time job after college. They are also a chance to gain valuable job experience and explore a career path. The benefits of programs that cultivate young talent are mutual. Companies that have internship programs get an edge by bringing in fresh perspectives, increasing productivity, and helping staff enhance supervisory skills.

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