6 Benefits Of Construction Management Services

Jamie Jacobs
Jamie Jacobs joined APX Construction Group in June of 2020 specializing in interior design, marketing, event planning, and business development.
  • Some construction projects like building a deck onto a house or constructing a garage are pretty straightforward and simple for contractors. But what about large, complex construction projects like multi-level schools or stadiums? Complex projects can result in delays and headaches without the proper oversight.

    That’s where construction management services come in. Construction management is perfect for intricate projects where not every design aspect can be finalized up front. If you’re unclear about what construction management is and if it’s right for your project, check out these top six benefits!

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    Construction Management: The Ultimate Project Manager

    Construction management, sometimes called construction project management, is an oversight process that is ideal for larger, complicated construction projects. Construction managers handle the daily coordination of the construction project from beginning to end.

    Common construction projects follow the “design, bid, build method.”

    • In this process, a client approaches a general contractor with an idea.
    • The owner first hires an architect, and then subcontractors bid on the final drawings.
    • The design must be 100% complete before contractors bid and start building.
    • The final cost of the project isn’t known until the bidding process is complete.

    But, in some instances, the design cannot be finalized before construction is meant to begin. If a client needs construction cost feedback during the design phase, that’s where construction management comes in handy. 

    A construction manager helps identify an accurate scope of the project before the designs are complete, so construction can get underway quickly without major holdups about cost factors.

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    1) Projects Get Completed More Efficiently

    The first major benefit of construction management services is efficiency. With an experienced construction manager overseeing an entire complex process, your project will have much smoother sailing compared to a project without a construction manager.

    Construction can commence before the design is fully complete, so short or strict timeframes are much more attainable. Without the help of a construction manager, the project will likely experience frustrating hiccups and holdups while designs and budgets are sorted out.

    2) Risk Reduction

    With every construction project comes risks. Risks of injuries. Risks of going over budget. Risks of reporting errors. When these issues arise on any given project, everyone from the client to the subcontracting team has to deal with complicated holdups.

    One of the best ways to reduce construction project risk is with construction management services. When you have a highly skilled person or team overseeing every aspect of your project, risks will be mitigated.

    It’s impossible to completely eliminate all construction risks, but with specialized organization and care, everyone is fully informed of potential risks before they sneak up.

    3) Better Communication

    Organization will make or break a construction project. And at the core of organization is communication. There is nothing more frustrating than playing a game of telephone when a question arises on the construction site.

    Without construction management, even the simplest question can result in days of delays. These delays impact the final cost of the project as well as completion time.

    With construction management services, there is centralized communication. The construction project manager has a thorough understanding of the big picture and acts as a liaison to every participant— from the designers to the electricians to the subcontractors.

    4) Accountability for the Project

    When one person or team of people is responsible for overseeing your entire project, there is an added level of accountability. It can be easy to point fingers when things go wrong if there isn’t one clear person in charge.

    Construction managers have a solid understanding of what work has been ordered and what the end product should look like. With construction project management, there will be confirmation that every step completed along the way matches what was invoiced. Even the smallest details won’t get overlooked when someone is meticulously checking for accuracy.

    5) Save Time and Money

    Time and money: two things everyone wishes they had more of. Large-scale construction projects that make use of construction management services consistently experience saved time and money.

    Construction managers are able to compress down many steps of a conventional construction process, accelerating schedules. Additionally, construction project management reduces overall project costs. Savings include:

    • Contract negotiations
    • Reduced change orders
    • Elimination of unnecessary scope
    • Competitive bidding
    • Value engineering
    • Ongoing controls that track cost-impacts in real-time

    Most savings opportunities appear in the planning and pre-construction phases when a budget is clearly established. Construction management helps weigh value vs. schedule requirements, ensuring the client receives the highest quality result for their time and money.

    6) Protection from Liabilities

    There are certain legal considerations with every construction project. Building and fire codes must be met, local ordinances followed, and inspections completed before a construction team can break ground. Construction management services help protect clients and contractors from liabilities by:

    • Advising on contracts, insurance, and warranties to assign contractual responsibility
    • Ensuring proper payments to all participants
    • Meeting all local and federal building codes

    Construction managers have a detailed commercial construction checklist that they reference during every project. You can feel confident that no permit, insurance plan, or inspection will be overlooked when a construction manager is involved.

    Hire the Best Construction Management Team for Your Project

    It’s clear that while not every construction project needs construction management services, complex projects greatly benefit from the oversight. Not only is there a huge peace of mind knowing that a skilled construction manager is overseeing all operations, but you get to reap time and money-saving rewards.

    Drastically reduce the number of headaches that come with complicated construction projects and hire a trusted construction management team for your upcoming project. At APX Construction Group, we are proud to offer our clients many first-rate capabilities, including outstanding construction management services.

    Get set up for success and contact our team today!

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