6 Commercial Kitchen Design Ideas for 2024

Jamie Jacobs
Jamie Jacobs joined APX Construction Group in June of 2020 specializing in interior design, marketing, event planning, and business development.
  • The heart of any home, the kitchen, is undergoing a transformation in 2024. More homeowners are seeking to infuse their kitchens with commercial flair, combining functionality with an aesthetic edge. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel or simply want to stay ahead of the trends, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll explore six exciting commercial kitchen design ideas for 2024 that will turn your kitchen into a chef’s paradise. Let’s dive in and discover the recipe for your dream kitchen!

    Inside this blog:

    • 6 top commercial kitchen design ideas to start off 2024 right
    • Pro-tips for each commercial kitchen idea

    Keep reading to figure out which commercial kitchen idea resonates with you the most and let it inspire you for your next project!

    1. Industrial Chic Vibes

    Think exposed brick, sleek stainless steel appliances, and open shelving. Industrial chic is all about combining raw materials with a touch of modern elegance.

    Pro-tips ✅

    • Exposed Elements: Expose ceiling beams or brick walls to create that authentic industrial feel.
    • Metallic Finishes: Incorporate stainless steel appliances, faucets, and fixtures for a polished look.
    • Open Shelving: Opt for open shelves instead of upper cabinets for a more accessible and aesthetic storage solution.
    • Overclutter: Avoid overcrowding the space with too many decorative items; maintain a sense of simplicity.
    • Neglect Comfort: While aesthetics are important, ensure your kitchen remains comfortable and functional for everyday use.

    2. Colorful Backsplashes and Accents

    Inject a burst of color into your commercial kitchen layout with vibrant backsplashes and bold accents. Colorful kitchens are making a big comeback in 2024.

    Pro-tips ✅

    • Colorful Backsplashes: Install colorful tiles or opt for a painted backsplash to add personality to the space, and ensure that the chosen colors harmonize with the overall kitchen palette for a cohesive appearance.
    • Bold Appliances: Consider colorful appliances like ranges or refrigerators to make a statement, but make sure they complement the surrounding kitchen elements to avoid a clash of styles.
    • Accent Wall: Paint one wall in a bold hue or install colorful wallpaper to create a focal point, and select a color that complements the overall kitchen design to achieve a balanced and visually appealing look.
    • Clash Colors: Be mindful of color coordination in a restaurant kitchen layout to avoid a chaotic and overwhelming look, and consider using color swatches or consulting with a designer to achieve the desired balance.
    • Excessive Patterns: When using colorful patterns in commercial kitchens, balance them with neutral elements to avoid visual clutter, ensuring that the patterns enhance the kitchen’s overall aesthetics without overwhelming the space.

    3. Sustainable and Smart Appliances

    Combine sustainability and smart technology for an eco-friendly and efficient kitchen.

    Pro-tips ✅

    • Energy-Efficient Appliances: Invest in energy-efficient appliances and cooking equipment to reduce your carbon footprint.
    • Smart Home Integration: Connect appliances to your smart home system for seamless control and energy management.
    • Recycled Materials: Choose countertops and cabinetry made from recycled or sustainable materials.
    • Neglect Efficiency: While sustainability is essential, ensure that the appliances you choose are also highly efficient for your daily needs.
    • Overcomplicate: Avoid overwhelming your kitchen with too many gadgets; choose smart appliances that genuinely enhance your lifestyle and space efficiency.

    4. Minimalistic and Clean Lines


    Embrace minimalism with clean lines, uncluttered countertops, and a focus on functionality.

    Pro-tips ✅

    • Sleek Cabinetry: Opt for handleless cabinets and drawers for a streamlined appearance, and consider soft-close mechanisms for added convenience and a sleek, modern look.
    • Hidden Appliances: Choose integrated or built-in appliances to maintain a clean and cohesive look, allowing them to seamlessly blend into the cabinetry for a polished finish. This will give you more space for your food prep area.
    • Neutral Color Palette: Stick to neutral colors for cabinets, countertops, and walls for a timeless and minimalist vibe, while adding subtle texture or accents to prevent the space from feeling too sterile.
    • Overdecorate: Avoid cluttering the food preparation space with unnecessary decorations or excessive dishware, and focus on a few well-chosen decor elements that enhance the kitchen’s aesthetics without overwhelming it.
    • Sacrifice Storage: While minimalism is key, ensure you have sufficient storage for your kitchen equipment essentials by optimizing cabinet space and considering innovative storage solutions to maintain functionality in your streamlined design.

    5. Mixed Materials and Textures


    Combine various materials and textures for a visually dynamic and tactile kitchen space.

    Pro-tips ✅

    • Mix Countertop Materials: Pair different countertop materials like quartz and wood for an interesting contrast.
    • Texture Play: Incorporate textures like subway tile backsplashes, wooden beams, or concrete floors for depth.
    • Statement Lighting: Choose eye-catching pendant lights or chandeliers to add a touch of elegance.
    • Clash Unnecessarily: While mixing materials is encouraged, ensure that they complement each other and maintain a cohesive design.
    • Overdo Patterns: Avoid using too many contrasting patterns that can overwhelm the space.

    6. Open Concept and Social Kitchens

    Create a kitchen that seamlessly connects to the living and dining areas, fostering a sense of togetherness.

    Pro-tips ✅

    • Open Layout: Knock down walls to create an open-concept kitchen that flows into the adjacent spaces.
    • Island Seating: Incorporate a kitchen island with seating to encourage socializing and casual dining.
    • Chef’s Table: Install a chef’s table or a bar counter where guests can interact while you cook.
    • Overcrowd: Avoid overcrowding the kitchen area; maintain a sense of spaciousness and functionality.
    • Neglect Practicality: Ensure that the open design doesn’t compromise the kitchen’s functionality for cooking and meal preparation.

    📋 Your 2024 Commercial Kitchen Design Checklist 📋

    Here’s a checklist to help you bring your dream kitchen to life:

    • Decide on an industrial chic or another style that suits your taste.
    • Choose a color scheme and incorporate colorful backsplashes or accents.
    • Research and invest in sustainable and smart appliances.
    • Embrace minimalistic design with clean lines and neutral colors.
    • Mix various materials and textures for a dynamic look.
    • Plan for an open-concept layout if it aligns with your lifestyle.

    Cooking Up Your Dream Kitchen 🍽️

    2024 brings exciting possibilities for your kitchen’s design. Whether you lean towards industrial chic, embrace bold colors, or prioritize sustainability, there’s a trend that can transform your kitchen into a stylish and functional space. Remember that your kitchen should not only reflect the latest trends but also suit your unique preferences and lifestyle. So, put on your chef’s hat and start designing the kitchen of your dreams! 

    Contact our team of experts at APX Construction today and we’ll make sure your exact vision for your next project becomes a reality. Shoot us a message about what you want to build and we’ll get the ball rollin’!

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