7 Commercial Bathroom Remodeling Ideas (2024 Update)

Jamie Jacobs
Jamie Jacobs joined APX Construction Group in June of 2020 specializing in interior design, marketing, event planning, and business development.
  • The porcelain throne, the oval office, the outhouse… no matter what you call it, bathrooms are essential everywhere. And just as the condition of your bathroom can make an impression on guests in your home, it absolutely makes an impression on your commercial business.

    Whether you own a hotel, office park, convenience store, or something else entirely, clean and updated commercial bathrooms are an essential part of retaining customers and employees. Additionally, commercial bathroom remodels have a fantastic return on investment (ROI) of around 85%!

    Use these 7 commercial bathroom remodeling ideas to help set your renovation project up for success.

    Commercial bathroom remodeling ideas with three sinks and mirrors.

    1) Match the Aesthetics to the Rest of Your Building

    Keep your design theme consistent as you remodel your commercial bathroom. If you have a sophisticated, neutral-colored building, aim for a bathroom that matches. And if your building’s interior design features bold colors and fun aesthetics, make sure your bathroom doesn’t feel cold and out of place.

    Since trends come and go, neutral walls, floors, and countertops are usually a great choice. Stainless steel holds up for many years, so you’ll get more bang for your buck if you opt for stainless steel hardware.

    Feel free to play with textures in your design as they can be a great aesthetic element. Try adding glass tiles to vertical surfaces to add visual interest to the walls.

    2) Save on Water

    You know that water bills can quickly get overwhelming in a commercial building, and bathrooms can be big culprits. Use the opportunity of a commercial bathroom remodeling project to implement water-saving strategies.

    Water-saving ideas in commercial restrooms include:

    • Motion detectors on sinks
    • Faucet restrictors
    • Single flush or dual flush options
    Automatic faucets inside bathroom; commercial bathroom remodeling ideas

    3) Use Modern Technology

    Modern restroom technology not only allows your commercial bathroom to look and feel contemporary, but it often helps your guests keep away germs and reduce waste.

    Commercial bathroom remodeling projects should ultimately make your guests feel comfortable and prioritized, and using outdated technology can make guests feel out of place. Include the following technologies in your renovation:

    • Automatic soap dispensers
    • Electric air hand dryers
    • Waterless urinals
    • Motion sensors for overhead lighting
    • Motion sense flushing
    • Foot-operated door openers

    4) Lighting Makes a Huge Difference

    modern bathroom design with lights; commercial bathroom remodeling

    Attractive and fun lighting can take a bathroom, or any room, to the next level in an affordable and simple way. When it comes to commercial restrooms especially, guests want to feel like they’re in a clean and well-kept area. Great lighting helps rooms feel modern and stylish, whereas harsh or extremely dim lighting can make guests feel uncomfortable.

    Sit down with an interior designer or design-build contractor to work out the details of smaller design choices like lighting fixtures. The two of you can come up with a fun and modern design plan for your lighting. Consider details like:

    To go above and beyond with your lighting scheme, consider mixing and matching the different kinds of lighting:

    • Ambient Lighting: Lights up the entire room with ceiling-mounted fixtures or LED downlights
    • Task Lighting: Lamps and pendant lights that illuminate one small area
    • Accent Lighting: Highlighting a feature or decoration with wall-mounted fixtures or track lights
    • Decorative Lighting: Light that makes a statement, often achieved with pendant lighting, wall sconces, and floor lamps

    5) Hire a Reputable Commercial Contractor

    two men on Jobsite going over commercial bathroom remodeling costs

    Ultimately, a well-executed commercial bathroom remodel is in the hands of the contractor you choose to complete the job. When you’re investing time and money into a big project like a commercial restroom renovation, you need to ensure that you choose a high-quality contractor with plenty of proven experience.

    In most cases, going for a dramatically cheaper contractor ends up in frustration because their prices are usually a reflection of the quality of their work. You’d much rather spend a little bit more for a highly-rated contractor who gets it done right the first time rather than paying twice because a cheap, inexperienced contractor didn’t execute your vision.

    You have two choices when it comes to a commercial bathroom remodel:

    • General Contractor
    • Design-Build Contractor

    At APX Construction Group, we offer both services, so it comes down to how you prefer to move forward.

    A general contractor is a construction company that works directly with the client to construct the remodel. In order to get design plans, the client must work with an architect or interior designer who shares the design with the general contractor.

    A design-build contractor has designers and builders fully integrated into one team. When you choose design-build services, you work with one team throughout the entire remodeling process.

    6) Set a Reasonable Budget

    Estimating the costs of your commercial remodeling project is extremely important. No one wants to spend an arm and a leg on any remodeling project. In order to stay in a comfortable price range, set a budget when you collaborate with your contractor. Your contractor will either confirm or deny that your ideal remodel is possible within your preferred budget. If it’s not, they’ll work with you to set realistic expectations.

    Remodels often cost more than people want, but the good news is that bathroom remodels are consistently one of the most profitable renovations for homes and businesses.

    7) Keep It Spotless

    public Interior of spotless modern bathroom; commercial bathroom remodeling

    When the commercial bathroom remodels are complete, you want to ensure that your investment pays off for a long time. Nothing turns off guests more than a dirty, unkempt restroom. Avoid stained mirrors, dirty floors, overflowing trash bins, and unpleasant smells by staying on top of cleanliness.

    Make sure your cleaning staff has a regular cleaning schedule and that there are ample trash cans and air fresheners in place.

    Work With an Experienced Commercial Remodeling Contractor

    Undertaking a commercial bathroom remodeling project is an exciting, yet stressful time. The experienced team at APX Construction Group is here to reduce your stress every step of the way.

    Experience the most seamless remodeling project you’ve ever had when you reach out to APX Construction Group today!

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