6 Tips for Building an Office: Top Things To Consider

Jamie Jacobs
  • When it comes time to build an office for your company, there are many different tips you’ll want to consider to ensure that your building is designed and built in a modern, forward-thinking way.

    We’re helping you out with the top things to consider and 6 tips for building out your office space.

    Know Your Costs

    First up, cost. Building out an office space for your company is no small task, and it can be very expensive. Therefore, it’s essential that you lay out your budget and what you’ll be able to spend overall. This should include building and furnishing costs. Unfortunately, some business owners underestimate the cost of furnishing their buildings with desks and workstations for their customers.

    One way to get around some of the costs associated with building out an office space is to build fewer office spaces and offer more open work areas. The cost associated with building offices is much higher than that of furnishing an open area for your employees to sit in.

    Get Financing In Order

    After you’ve developed a rough idea of how much money you have to put towards the building project, you’ll need to start working towards securing financing for the project. Your business will need to find a bank or other financial institution willing to put forth the capital to help your business get the right funding for the project. Be sure to shop around a bit for loans and different agreements. Sometimes the first offer isn’t always the best offer.

    Understand the Time Requirements

    From designing to building and furnishing the office, it can take some time before you’ll actually be able to have your company in the office building. Of course, this can change depending on the size of the project. Expect the building process to take at least one year or more before you’ll be able to work in the building.

    If you’re able to rent a space or stay in your old building during the construction process, be sure to communicate that with the property managers. It will likely be a challenge to time the move just right, but getting as close as you can is essential to the success of your balance sheet.

    Maximize Natural Light in Design

    Natural light is something that will always be valuable in workspaces. Natural light helps to improve the moods and productivity of employees. When you’re developing and designing the space, be sure to stress natural design as essential.

    You can maximize natural light through the use of large windows and glass walls within the building and considering a skylight on the roof. Many commercial buildings utilize skylights in their buildings.

    Finding the Right Designer and Builder

    meeting with constructor for building an office

    If you’re going to get the perfect building for your office, you’ll need to find the right designer and builder. Many times these are two different companies. One firm will handle the design and architecture of the project, although in some cases, there is also a separate firm for the architecture. And another firm will handle the construction and building.

    While it is industry standard for there to be two separate firms, it’s not always required, and in some cases, you can find a design and build commercial construction. APX Construction Group is one such company that can handle every part of the project and thus make everything easier and smoother on your end.

    Choose an Ideal Location

    If you’re going to put a large sum of money into a commercial real estate investment, you’ll want it to be in the best location possible. Finding the right location will make all the difference for your company.

    There are a few big things to consider when you’re looking at a location. First, is it close to my employees or potential employees? You don’t want to have them driving too far for work. Does the location support and affirm my customer base? This isn’t always essential but can be very important. Third, does the location offer the opportunity for growth? The last thing you need is building in a place where you’ll be entirely maxed out from the start. That won’t do anything but hurt your business in the long run.If you’re looking for more tips or design ideas, be sure to check out the rest of our blog. This post, “10 commercial office design ideas,” is full of practical ways that you can make your office more inviting for employees and customers.

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