5 Best Restaurants in Mankato, MN (2021 Update)

Jamie Jacobs
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    Looking for some good places to eat in Mankato?

    We love supporting our local community, and that often means eating out at some of our favorite restaurants. To help share our love of food and our love for local business, we’ve put this post together with what we like to think are the best restaurants in all of Mankato.

    5 Best Restaurants In Mankato

    The next time you’re coming through the Mankato area and looking for a place to eat, be sure to check out these restaurants for some great eats.

    1. Number 4 American Bar & Kitchen

    people eating inside number 4 american bar & restaurant in mankato; best restaurants in mankato

    Kicking us off and starting strong is Number 4 American Bar & Restaurant. This bar and kitchen have everything you’d want in a great restaurant choice. Offering a variety of menu items and drinks that are sure to pique your interest, they’re known for all of the unique and exciting ways that they serve food.

    From their website: “Number 4 American Bar & Kitchen promises to serve the very best in quality combined with a fun atmosphere. Encompassing the 4 elements necessary for culinary perfection: air, fire, earth, and water – our menu has been designed from scratch, and the items included are unique, one-of-a-kind dishes that you can’t find anywhere else.”

    Their business has 4.3 stars after 638 reviews. Be sure to stop in and give this one a try. We’re sure that you’ll be able to find something to eat or drink that you’ll love.

    2. Tav on the Ave

    Tav on the Ave's famous Chicken wings; best restaurants in mankato

    Tav on the Ave boasts 789 reviews and 4.3 three stars in their Google listing. This low-key tavern is a city and traveler favorite for sure. Mankato is a college town, and there are quite a few college kids that like to hang out at this spot on the weekends.

    From their website: “Brothers Christopher and Patrick Person opened the legendary Tav on the Ave in 1988. Formerly known as the Stone Toad, the Tav was remodeled and went on to be the first tavern in Mankato to offer buffalo wings. Today, they have served well over 5 million wings along with their signature burgers, sandwiches, roll-ups, and more!”

    Yes, they did just say that they’ve served 5 million wings since 1988, and that’s no joke. The wings at this place are exactly what you want in a chicken wing. Lots of flavors, perfectly cooked, and awesome drinks to complement anything you want to eat. You definitely won’t regret stopping in here when you’re looking for a night out.

    3. Flask

    Burger and fries from Flask Restaurant in Mankato; best restaurants in mankato

    Looking for great eats dine-in or at home? Flask offers delivery, takeout, and an awesome dine-in environment. There are all sorts of reasons that you should try this spot out the next time you’re eating out.

    From their website: “This downtown Mankato bar offers great food and drinks in a fun, high-energy atmosphere. Flask is the perfect spot for a get-together with friends, a private party, or to catch the game on one of their many HD TVs. Flask is known for its ice-cold beers, legendary appetizers, and signature cocktails.”

    With a mission to ensure that all of their customers have an amazing time and get great food, this spot has racked up 246 reviews with an average of 4.2 stars. Whether you’re looking to catch the game or get a quick drink, stop by Flask.

    4. Nolabelle Kitchen + Bar

    friends enjoying drinks at the best restaurants in mankato

    Nolabelle Kitchen + Bar is a great place to catch up with friends over a few drinks or grab a bite to eat. They have an awesome downtown space complete with a patio and area where you can enjoy the fresh air. 

    Nolabelle has over 4.5 stars after almost 200 Google reviews making it a pretty well-known spot to enjoy food and drinks.

    If you do choose to stop by this spot, be sure to try a few of their appetizers. The Candied Bacon is fabulous and pairs really well with some of the different drinks they have available.

    5. Massad’s Grille

    people waiting in line at massad's mediterranean grill; best restaurants in mankato

    Our last notable restaurant experience is Massad’s Grille. This Mankato spot is built on the idea of Fresh Food Fast. Their team of experts has a combined over 50 years of bringing excellent food to the tables of their guests.

    From their website, “For over several generations, the name Massad has been synonymous with culinary excellence, both in the Bekka Valley of Lebanon and Mankato, Minnesota. With over 50 years in the food business, John Massad continues to be a master at his craft.”

    If you’re looking for an authentic and fresh experience, be sure to visit this spot the next time you make your way through Mankato.

    Contact APX Construction Group Today!

    We hope you’ve enjoyed this list and that you’re able to enjoy some of these great spots in Mankato the next time you head out. Be sure to let us know by leaving a comment if you have a favorite spot that deserves to be on this list. If you’re a restaurant owner that’s looking to redesign their space or build a new restaurant we’d love to help. At APX Construction Group we love helping business and restaurant owners create their ideal spaces. Reach out to us today for more info or check out our blog post all about the best restaurant layouts.

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