Top 5 Construction Based Internships in Mankato MN (2022 Update)

Jamie Jacobs
Jamie Jacobs joined APX Construction Group in June of 2020 specializing in interior design, marketing, event planning, and business development.
  • Are you looking for a good internship in Mankato?

    A good internship is a gateway to a great career, and there are all kinds of opportunities in the Mankato area. APX Construction Group is proud to offer some fantastic internship opportunities to our community.

    Whether you’re interested in construction management, project management, interior design, or digital marketing, there’s an internship out there for you! Today we’re covering several great internships throughout the Mankato area so that you can make the best possible choice for your next job.

    Mankato is a Small City in South Western Minnesota with a University

    How to Find Internships In Mankato

    There are a number of ways that you can go about choosing an internship. Finding the best one can be a challenge, but it’s not too hard as long as you follow these tips.

    Don’t Base the Decision on Money

    First off, don’t base your decision on money. There are several ways that companies will seek to recruit you for an internship, but if one of the main ways they seek to recruit you is through pay, then it might not be the right fit. Sometimes the internship that pays less or is free will lead to more benefits in the long run.

    Be a Self-Starter

    Great interns are go-getters. You’ll have to get out and do your research to find the right internship and to get offered the opportunity. But hey, you’re already halfway there by reading through this blog post.

    Select an Internship that Allows You to Build Essential Skills

    Sadly, some internships will take advantage of you and not allow you to learn and grow the way an internship should. Any internship should offer some level of training and freedom to develop and learn new skills. This is where you can find that an internship focused on money might not give you the same opportunities to learn as one that pays slightly less.

    Attend Networking Events

    Networking events are great opportunities to meet business leaders and industry professionals. Whether you’ve already secured an internship or you’re still looking, you should be able to attend a few different networking events to meet new people in your industry.

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    5 Best Internships in the Mankato Area

    Here are the best internships in the Mankato area.

    Marketing Intern – APX Construction Group

    APX is a commercial design and build construction company that offers amazing internship opportunities. With oversight from the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, this intern will have the opportunity to develop real-world marketing skills and experience.

    This position offers flexible full-time and part-time hours depending on the applicant’s availability.

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    Mechanical Engineer Intern – Taylor Corporation

    As a family-owned business, Taylor Corporation is proud to offer great internship opportunities for students or “newer” mechanical engineers that are in need of experience. The only requirement for this full-time position is that you’re already working towards a mechanical engineering degree.

    Note that this is a full-time, paid position.

    Schwickert’s Project Manager Intern

    If you’re looking for a project manager position as an intern, then this role might be the right one for you. This role will give you the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop skills that can help you became a better project manager in the future. Schwickerts is a roofing company, and in this role, you’ll be helping to track sales, leads, and project efficiency for the entire team. Apply by clicking here.

    Project Manager Intern – APX Construction Group

    Hands-on building and managing experience are what you’ll get when you come to work for APX Construction Group. There are lots of different opportunities and responsibilities contained within this role. This job is perfect for someone in college who is already pursuing a construction management degree. There’s also the opportunity for full-time hiring after the internship is completed. Click here to learn more!

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    Construction Management Intern – National Grid Renewables

    Another great hands-on opportunity to consider is this role for Enclave Development and Construction. Enclave is a leading development, construction, and management firm headquartered in Fargo, ND. As a fully integrated company with over 100 team members, we have a unique interest in every project’s success from idea, to feasibility, planning, construction, and completion.

    A Project Management Intern provides administrative and technical support to our Project Management team. This is a great opportunity for an entry-level candidate to gain first-hand experience in the world of development and construction.

    We hope the breakdown of each of these roles helps you find what you’re looking for! We’d love to have you at APX Construction Group, but ultimately you should seek the job that offers you the best opportunity for your desired career path.

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