Always Moving Forward. Our new office location.

Jessica Blais
Community + Business Relations Manager
  • At APX Construction Group, we pride ourselves on innovation, collaboration, and passion. These values have led to our continued success and expansion. We are thrilled to announce our next phase of growth. Nestled in the heart of downtown Mankato, sits the historic Graif Building. APX Construction Group has found our new home on the 4th floor. Our team is grateful for the opportunity to integrate into the thriving downtown community.


    Our office on Innovation Lane was built in 2019 and served us well. Our company is growing quickly, in order to accommodate our rapidly expanding team, we have moved to 3 Civic Center Plaza Suite 400.

    Since our move, we have enjoyed being in the heart of the vibrant downtown community. From the sweeping city center views to the opportunities to convene with surrounding businesses, this has been a positive move in so many ways.

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    The Graif Building was built as National Citizens Bank in 1892, then became the Graif building in 1963. The lot was home to Mankato’s first hotel, The Mankato House, built in 1854. (Source: The Mankato Free Press, 2008).

    APX Construction Group’s decision to move our office to the Downtown area came easily. Mankato’s downtown mix of retail, dining and offices combined with the resurgence in downtown living makes the location ideal.


    This move also puts APX in close proximity to several upcoming projects, including the redevelopment of the historic post office, and two hotel projects slated to begin later this year.

    We have fully immersed ourselves in downtown life including events like the City Art Sculpture Walk and Songs on the Lawn and Alive After Five, which are held in the Civic Center Plaza during the summer months.

    While our time in the Graif building is temporary, it positions us for more exciting growth in the future and allows us to envision the construction of our permanent office location.

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